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Tools of Learning

The introduction of learning programs can be very effective for all children.

Tools of Learning for Children began as an organization wanting to help all young children learn phonics in a preschool.

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Our personal and national identity.

Learning is often seen as one step toward the passing of tests, or perhaps as an indicator of how good…

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Literacy tools for use in all educational environments

The Frontline Phonics Reading Program and Citizenship Constitution Program have been shown to be very effective in early education.

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Our Mission

A nation of literate, patriotic people

Tools of Learning seeks to provide to early childhood educational programs free or very low cost that allowchildren to get…

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The mission of Tools of Learning for Children is to provide children aged 2-5 with literacy tools they can use in public, private, home or distant learning environments to start their journey to literacy.


Tools of Learning for Children is committed to keeping current with what evidence shows is necessary to provide the youngest of children the help they need to begin their journey to literacy. Children who master the art of reading and understanding are best equipped to be successful adults and contribute to the betterment of their country.


Our Objectives

  •  To provide early childhood age appropriate phonetic, musical and mathematical learning tools free or at low cost to allow even the most vulnerable children to get started on the road to success.
  •  To develop and sustain partnerships with organizations and individuals to assure the success of our mission.


Our Progress

  •     Number of Schools Served: 25 preschools throughout Solano and Yolo Counties.
  •     Current Number of Children in Program: Over 3000.
  •     Children Served Since Inception: 20,000+ preschoolers.
  •     Initial cost per student: $50 for the Frontline Phonics Kit and approximately $15 continuing annual costs.


Tools of Learning for Children has a proven performance record. Click on the Top-Rated NONPROFIT box for reviews written by people who are benefiting from the tools we provide with your donations.


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